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Detox Face Pack from Fuschia by VKARE

Hello my lovely readers! 😘😘

Hope you all have geared up for the upcoming winter fests and Christmas!😀😀

So, this is a grand vacation time and everybody is preparing for either their travel plans or Christmas which means lots of exposure to different climates. This can affect our skin badly. So we need to take care of it and prep to minimize the damages that would happen during this time. For this, travel friendly, pocket sized face masks/sheet masks or face packs can come to rescue.

These days face packs containing detoxification properties are a rage in beauty and skincare industry and if they are made up of natural ingredients then people do get attracted and opt for them. There are many kind of detox face packs coming in the market like clay masks, mud masks etc. One of the recent inventions is being the face packs containing activated charcoal which is a big hit around the world across all genders. Activated charcoal has properties of deep cleansing and taking away the deep rooted impurities, dirt and pollutant sitting on the skin and giving a cleaner and glowing skin. Results are instantaneous and that is why they are loved by all. Today I have come up with yet another review of such product. It’s the detox face pack containing activated charcoal from Fuschia by VKARE. Fuschia by VKARE is a budding Indian skin care brand which deals with skincare products like face creams, facewashes, bodywashes, face gels, face packs, hand made soap from natural ingredients, lip care, bath and body, etc.

So, without further delays, let’s get onto the review.

I got this one too (along with the Biobloom face oil), in the ‘Smytten Trial Box’ and I didn’t pay any extra bucks for it as it is a trial sample.

Packaging- It came in a yellow colored circular plastic tub. It’s a trial sample size of 15 gm and has a shelf life of 2 years. Originally priced at INR Rs 75/-. The lid has a label on it and also on the back of the tub you can find another label which lists out the manufacturing details, weight, price, shelf life etc. The ingredient list is given on the label on the lid. The packaging is somewhat fine but it would have been better if it is more sturdy and container is a hard plastic for trial sample as well. For instance, the lid of the container became free and now it will not sit in the grooves properly thereby altering the product packed inside and that is why I need to be more careful while closing it as exposure to air might make the face pack to dry out. They are also available in 50 gm and 100 gm tubs priced at INR Rs 250/- and Rs 400/- resp. on their website.

Ingredients mentioned– Rose Water, Kaolin Light China Clay, Glycerin, Aloe vera, Bentonite Powder, Charcoal Powder, Clove Oil and Vitamin E.

Product claims- nothing written as such on the packaging. But as per the website it is anti-blemish and anti -inflammatory.

Appearance and application- It’s an ashy grey colored thick paste and has a smooth texture. It is not grainy and very easy to apply. It glides smoothly on the skin and so a thin layer will work effectively. Recommended to use once or twice a week.

For application, apply an even layer directly on to the skin. Before applying, cleanse and wash your face and pat it dry or just gently wipe the face so that it remains slightly damp. Apply a thin layer evenly on the skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes until dry. Wash it off with plain water. One can see the results instantaneously after the application.

My Experience- I always wanted to try the activated charcoal face mask as I heard so many good things about it and wanted to know the real buzz around this magic ingredient. Finally, I got my hands on this one and what attracted me the most were the ingredients used for making this particular face mask by Fuschia by VKARE. It’s not surprising that I do fell for it as I am more inclined towards using natural and herbal ingredients. This mask has aloe, glycerin, vit E etc. which are a bliss for a dehydrated and dull skin. In winters, my skin feels the need of extra attention. This mask has all of it and above all the magic ingredient which is the activated charcoal powder. It does clarify the skin and takes away all the impurities, dirt, excess oil and pollutant particles from the skin.

After the very first use only, I saw a visible difference which lasted for 3-4 days. The fragrance is strong and heavenly (at least I like it). Once it dries up, the skin feels tighter as well which is indirectly helping the skin to look youthful. A tingling sensation may occur initially which is very mild and fades away within seconds but if anybody is having sensitive skin or very dry skin, then this product might not be good for them. A patch test is recommended in that case. Also, it should be used on a slightly damp skin for even application. This pack should be kept on face for about 15-20 min only and not more than that and then should be washed with plain water. Once washed, pat dry the skin and slather a good amount of your favorite face cream and massage nicely as it strips away the excess oil and controls it’s production. It can be applied in one more way as to only those parts of the face where skin becomes oily. For combination skin, like T-zone it can help in controlling the excess oil.

It really gives a squeaky clean skin after use. Although, I was a bit in dilemma about using this activated charcoal mask since it might have caused breakouts if my skin wouldn’t have accepted it. But, I think my skin got along quite well with it and now both are enjoying each other’s company :D:D. Overall I really like this baby and can’t get over it. This one has become a part of my weekly skin care routine now.

Availability- Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten, myfuschia.com (it’s their own website from which you can buy variety of products like these) etc. Fuschia by VKARE has tie ups with various subscription boxes which doesn’t cost much for a monthly package. So you can try them as well.

Ratings and recommendation– I would rate this as 5/5 and definitely recommend this one to try out and the best part is it can be used by all and not only by girls/women. I didn’t regret using this one. 🙂 🙂

SO this was all about the review of the Fuschia by VKARE detox face pack. Hope you found it helpful!

Take care until next time!🙋🙋

Stay happy and stay gorgeous!🤗🤗


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