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All about FABBAG subscription box- November edition

Hello chirpy pies!❤️❤️

How you all are doing?!😀😀

Recently, I discovered an amazing idea on the net that has been already tried and tested by millions of users worldwide. It’s the monthly subscription boxes where in every month you get a box having makeup and beauty products specially curated as per your profile. This is a unique concept and can cater all types of beauty profiles. There are many types of monthly subscription boxes these days which either are totally a surprise and curated by the beauty experts for you or can be curated for oneself based on our own choice. These subscription boxes offering sites have tie ups with many different skincare and makeup brands and they offer either sample or full size product to try out. Each subscription box has 5 to 6 items. I chose to be a part of one such subscription box and it’s called the ‘FABBAG’ subscription. 😃😃

So, let me give you a brief review about the ‘FABBAG’:

  • It’s a monthly subscription box where in each month you are getting 5 or 6 products related to makeup and beauty.
  • They offer monthly, 3 month, 6 months and 12 months plan at a very reasonable rate. I have opted for 3 month plan at a rate of Rs 1499/- and for all plans you need to pay once only and no extra charges will be charged after that. One has to register on the site to avail these.
  • Once subscribed, the email/post will be uploaded in advance for the next month via email. You can keep an eye on their Instagram handle and Facebook page as well.
  • Affordable price and product quality is really good.
  • Subscription can be cancelled any time with some terms and conditions.
  • A wide range of new and established brands can be found having tie ups with them.
  • No products from same brand are repeated in the same fab bag.
  • All the products except one or 2 are a surprise and are curated as per the beauty profile. Every month, they mail their customers for chosing one of the product of their own choice in terms of flavor or color.
  • The sooner the better. You might receive the Fabbag very soon if you have made the choice for the product as stated above.
  • In addition to subscription boxes, they sell individual beauty and makeup products as well.
  • Reachable through mail and phone in case of any queries and very responsive.
  • Most interesting part is the pouch/bag in which the products are received. Every month their is a new design of pouch which is quite attractive. The quality of bag is good as well.
  • Delivery depends upon the area. I got mine for November in around 20 days (because I subscribed it at the end of the month of October) and they kept me posted about it via email once they shipped it. But sometimes, you might get yours within a week as well.
  • Sometimes, some products received might not be as desirable as you want. But still, I am quite satisfied with the November one.

So, this was all about the FABBAG subscription. Now, I will take you through the products that I received in this FABBAG. 😉😉

I got a total of 5 products out of which 2 were makeup product and other 3 products were skin care product in a cute orange and golden pouch. In that there was a card having details of the product received. Let’s get on to the products one by one.

  1. Sugar ‘Smudge Me Not’ liquid lipstick (Brink of Pink)- It’s a raspberry pinkish red shade and I opted for this one. This was the ‘product of your choice’. This shade is a new addition to the Sugar ‘Smudge Me Not’ collection. The product is of sample size(1.5 ml) and very tiny weeny which I found very cute and packed in plastic bottle. The applicator was also a bit different from the full sized product for this collection. It dries out the lips a bit so pre-prep. is required. 😃😃

2. Sugar ‘Stroke of genius heavy duty kohl’ pencil (blue suede shoes)- It’s a kohl pencil and the color is a nice royal blue color. I liked the packaging and it came in an outer carton with trademark sugar logo and along with it, I got a complimentary sharpener from Sugar as the kohl is not retractable. The pencil is really well pigmented and one stroke is enough to get a thick line. It glides smoothly and doesn’t smudge at all. Staying power is great.😊😊

3. Sebamed anti dry shampoo- It’s a shampoo with net content of 20 ml from the well known brand “Sebamed”. It claims of regenerating dry hairs, treating the scalp dryness and revitalizing hairs. It’s not SLS free. Sebamed products are well known for their work but one thing that bothers me is that it has SLS which can harm the scalp and hairs on prolonged use. I am in dilemma whether I should give this product a try or not only because of this.😕😕

4. Purple essentionaturals face pack- It’s a face pack made up of natural ingredients namely rose oil, liquorice extract, mineral earth, winter cherry, holy basil and Vit E. It claims of cleansing, toning and softening of skin. The fragrance is of rose oil mainly and it’s divine. It can be used once or twice a week for clear skin. The consistency of the pack is thick and texture is soft and it’s mud brown color pack. The application should be done on damp skin so that the pack glides easily and evenly, and should be washed with plain water once it dries completely. It’s a decent product and can be used as a regular face pack. It comes in a white plastic tub with cover lid. The packaging is quite sturdy and the size is travel friendly also.😊😊


5. Lemon and Orange clarifying face gel from FUSCHIA by VKARE- It’s a face gel (made up of natural and organic plant sources like Aloe, lemon oil, sweet orange oil, carrot seed oil, marigold flower extract, grapefruit oil. It can be used as a face moisturizing gel or face mask. It comes in a plastic tub with cover lid and net content is 50 gram. The gel is of lemon yellow color with a not so sweet or fruity essence but still bearable. The consistency is medium thick and doesn’t drip and texture is smooth. It’s good for skin as the ingredients target skin problems like open pores, blemishes, dullness etc. It can be applied at any time of the day and gives a cooling sensation to the skin. It seems to be a good product. It is SLS free, parabens free, no pthalates and mineral oil and also cruelty free.😘😘

So this was all about the FABBAG-November edition and the products received. Hope you liked it! 😃😃

P.S- I will be posting a detailed review for some of the products that I liked more after using them so that you get an idea how they have performed for me. 😊😊

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Take care until next time!😃😃

Stay happy and stay gorgeous!😘😘


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